The Company



Edel Vending is a young and dynamic company that was born from a family experience of over thirty years and operates in the automatic distribution sector with the latest generation equipment in compliance with the regulations governing the commercial sector.

We offer a high service in terms of quality and price, paying close attention to the needs of all our customers at various times of the day. To make their break a real pleasure, we personally choose the best coffee blends, offering a product that stands out for the intensity of its taste and aroma.


Our main goal is to be a reliable partner for all customers, not only in quality management, but also as a company. This is why we constantly invest in the training and updating of our collaborators, so as to ensure a level of professionalism and competence always at the highest levels. 


The elegant and refined design of our machine park allows us to satisfy the requests of all customers also with customizations and solutions suitable for any eventual need. In fact, we believe that product and service quality must necessarily be accompanied by particular attention to detail.

The enthusiasm and determination that characterize each of our working days push us to face increasingly important challenges and to look positively towards the future.